Fresh Blood Pours Into Popular Los Angeles Furniture Company

Fashion trends and styles may change from generation to generation but taste transcends time.

A mother daughter team in the heart of West Hollywood have kept to this ideal. Taste quality and beauty started by the founder (of Maison Bertet) and inspired under the adobe archways and colorful specters reflecting from the Zellij (Moroccan mosaics) of her native Marrakesh, Sophie Bertet has been in the interior design business for over 20 years. Her millennial daughter Anais, has just teamed up with her to bring a little trend to a business with a pre existing sense of  timelessness and beauty that never seems dated or grows worse for wear with the ages. Times may change but those with taste and a skeptical nose for trend will always find beauty in quality, and how the times ‘they are a changin’.

With the marketplace changing, many companies find themselves at a lack for adapting into the new marketplace. Spending fortunes on outside marketing consultants, media managers and the like. But here in this instance the remedy for the changing world was at home all along.

Anais, a daughter born into the world of interior design, accompanying her mother on trips to shows from as early as 8 years old, has joined forces with her mother in an effort to create a new trend set in the business based on the classic modern aesthetic.

These two stand as a reminder, with a cultural so fixated on following trends and obsessed highly specialized digital marketing companies sometimes titans of industry struggling to ride this new wave of digital media should look no further to their own children who were born to swim in it.

Maison Bertet was founded in 2004 with one mission: Make good design accessible to everyone. They cut out the middlemen and get luxurious, modern designs to the public at a price that other stores will not be able to match. Their impressive modern furniture portfolio is just a click away.

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