Maison Bertet flawlessly brings all your design needs together. Our comprehensive services eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple merchants; we tend to every detail. Maison Bertet will find you the perfect custom made furniture in Los Angeles, kitchen, tiles, lighting, and cabinetry for your home or multi-unit residential building and lofts, or custom design furniture for larger projects and manufacture it overseas, allowing for astonishing prices with outdoor furniture, bathroom vanities, tiles, and accessories, so that residential projects can be done with no lead time, offering uniquely expedited availably.  

Our amazingly talented design team allows your dream to become a reality. Sophie and Joel Bertet, owners and founders of Maison Bertet, work together to bring concepts and ideas to life with incredible prices. With Joel’s real estate expertise and Sophie’s exquisite design aptitude they prove to be a dynamic duo. The other design team members are exceptionally talented; with a development team that studies design trends and attends tradeshows all over the world to provide clients with the latest styles. Given the incredible success and continued satisfaction of Maison Bertet, be sure to stay tuned as we continue to expand over the next few years.

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